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Client Reviews

  • I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your services. While you were closed I went for a massage in another spa in Wilson, and it simply does not compare to what your company offers. - When I received a massage at Five Touch, the massage therapist was very sweet and professional. I can equate her hands to an artist working on a new painting; it was truly artistic and masterful. - When I went home, I felt like a puddle of relaxation - and the feeling lasted for a few days after! It was the right pressure and just felt wonderful. - I appreciate the company's overall desire for health and wellness of the clients. I appreciated the health screen in the beginning as well as the water at the end to aid with detoxification. My massage therapist also gave me instructions for what I can do to help alleviate my individual needs. - I also loved how you used pure essential oils instead of questionable lotions and potions. No point in putting the toxins back in when you are trying to take them out! Needless to say, I won't be going anywhere else besides your spa for massages and other self-care needs. You are wonderful! Thank you for your hard work. - Erin Spencer

  • Just got home from an awesome massage at Five Touch Spa in Wilson. Had a facial earlier today. The staff is fabulous and the services second to none. Treat yourselves ladies? Gift certificates make great presents. - Olga Abrams



  • I've had an opportunity to receive a massage from each of the staff members  and you can't go wrong! They are dedicated to catering to your needs. It's an excellent experience, treat yourself! - Christy Proctor


  • Their therapist listened to my problem areas and provided me a needed service. I was heading out of town and desperately needed my shoulder and neck worked on. I am getting ready for my next appointment soon. I am going to recommend my therapist to my friends. - Mark Mowbray


  • I felt right at home. The overall atmosphere was warm and inviting. I felt as though I was among friends. I had such a wonderful experience that I am going to start bringing my daughter with me for some mother daughter bonding. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking her to any other place as the places that I have been are not as professional as Five Touch. The spa is relaxing and is appealing to the eye. I felt very pampered and I look great. Thank you Tawanda; Michelle; and the Five Touch team. I am definitely coming back! - Karim Witts


  • Five Touch Spa is a lovely place for relaxation! Very professional team they make you feel at home. A vacation without leaving home. - Leli Rodriguez


  • As a licensed Massage Therapist I was very impressed with this physicality. Clean, professional and quality are words that come to mine. A staff that is friendly and knowledgable. I have had the pleasure to meet the owner and she is always looking for ways to improve the value and experiences of each one of her customers. Recommend checking it out. - Martin Brossman


  • A wonderful place with a wonderful atmosphere!! I can't wait until my next appointment!! - Sheba Andrews


  • My Chiropractor had been telling me for a while that I needed to have a massage, but I was not completely comfortable with the idea. Although, this was my first time having a professional massage it was surprisingly very easy to relax and quite enjoyable. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.Thomas Lucas


  • Im totally impressed.....the complete head to toe service is unique and an absolute unforgettable experience..also its great to see a sista doing her thing.Rolandia Rountree


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