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Commitment to High-Quality Care and Basic Rights
All new spa guests are given a tour of the spa a soon as possible upon arrival.  We will serve the best interests of our clients at all times and provide the highest service possible. We recognize that the obligation for building and maintaining an effective, healthy, and safe relationship with our clients is our responsibility. We will demonstrate respect for the rights of all individuals by providing a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for sessions, using appropriate and skilled draping procedures.


Commitment to Do No Harm
We will conduct a thorough health history intake process for each client and evaluate the health history to rule out contraindications or determine appropriate session adaptations. If we see signs of, or suspect, an undiagnosed condition that the service we are providing may be inappropriate for, we will refer that client to a physician or other qualified health-care professional and delay the session until approval from the physician has been granted.


Commitment to Honest Representation of Qualifications
We will not work outside our scope of practice. We will adhere to the NC scope of practice guidelines and will only provide treatments and techniques for which we are fully trained and hold credible credentials. 


Commitment to Uphold the Inherent Worth of All Individuals
We will demonstrate compassion, respect, and tolerance for others. We will seek to decrease discrimination, misunderstandings, and prejudice. We understand there are situations when it is appropriate to decline service to a client because it is in the best interests of a client's health, or for our personal safety, but we will not refuse service to any client based on disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, physical build, or sexual orientation; religious, national, or political affiliation; social or economic status. We will maintain clear and honest communication with clients and colleagues. We will not use recreational drugs or alcohol before or during sessions.


Commitment to Confidentiality
Guest complete a confidential screening questionnaire and/ or informed consent statement appropriate to their planned activities.  We will keep client communication and information confidential and will not share client information without the client's written consent, within the limits of the law. We will ensure every effort is made to respect a client's right to privacy and provide an environment where personal health-related details cannot be overheard or seen by others.


Commitment to Personal and Professional Boundaries
We will refrain from and prevent behaviors that may be considered sexual in our practice and uphold the highest professional standards in order to desexualize any services rendered at Five Touch Spa & Salon. We will not date a client, engage in sexual intercourse with a client, or allow any level of sexual impropriety (behavior or language) from clients or ourselves.

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